Here’s a personal project about life and overcoming internal challenges I had fun working on it sometime in 2023. I was inspired by Whitney Hanson’s poem (stop fearing mediocrity) and decided to use it to practice a bit of interactive web page design, by putting together an online personal photo journal. 

The main purpose of this exercise was to, well, stop fearing the beginner’s mediocrity and focus on the learning journey.  
My task: to design an interactive and functional web project. I focused on the purposeful use of fonts, images, and composition to create an intuitive web-design that enriches both user experience and interaction.
The process
After defining the theme by choosing both the text and the photographs that I would use, I set out to find some inspiration and create my moodboard. This phase helped me to get a clearer image of what my photo journal should feel like.

At the same time, I assembled a minimal style guide to get a consistent feel throughout the page. 
Next I sketched the wireframes (low-fi) for both web and mobile design, and I made several concept variations in figma, playing with typography, color and composition, without neglecting the definition of content and layout. At this time I also made a functional prototype in figma, with some of the motion features.
I then went on and exported my figma elements to After effects, to create the interactive scrolling motion. This is the result.
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